Niavaran ١٧-Storey Residential Tower

Unit 3 , No.5 , Khayyam st , Passing Fereshteh ave , Valiasr ave
Tehran, Iran,
+98 21 22668801-3 +98 21 88193708

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Niavaran ١٧-Storey Residential Tower

In the first steps of the design process of Niavaran residential tower, the main solid mass was modeled as a cube with the four faces covered by concrete material. In the next step, in order to fulfill the necessary infrastructure for the functional requirements, the surface is fragmented based on modular patterns. Thus, these splits create open spaces that form terraces directing natural light into the inner space.

A non-modular façade representing the complete uniformity of the building and highlights the pure mass.

  • Category

    • Residential
  • Client

    • Mr. Amiri
    • Mr. Mazloumin
  • Location

    • Tehran, Iran
  • Area

    • 6000   M2
  • Design Team

    • Designer:
    • Reza Mafakher
    • Reza Najafian
    • ---
    • Design Associate:
    • Mohammadreza Azizi
    • Bahar Vaezi
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