Apartment No.١٧

Unit 3 , No.5 , Khayyam st , Passing Fereshteh ave , Valiasr ave
Tehran, Iran,
+98 21 22668801-3 +98 21 88193708

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Apartment No.١٧

Architecture is not just the result of forms, materials, and methods, it's rather about the feeling and impression of the structure of the people and it turns into a lasting memory for them. The main idea behind the design for Apartment no. 17 is this. So the main lines forming the new design which is the result of the transformation of 45-degree lines prior to reconstruction. These new lines intend to create a different kind of atmosphere for life. The producers have tried to realize this goal with the aid of geometry, the cohesion of all the details and elements of architecture, and high-quality materials and equipment which are all important and integral parts of a great design. These features result in the creation of a cohesive ensemble of lines in the design of body shells, ceilings, and floors. Now, these lines spread out in the space, break and form new shapes wherever required. The old 45-degree lines that are now transformed into modern fractioned lines start from the floor and flow on around the shell of the structure and help create the fireplace and other fixed elements of architecture. They then continue to join the shell lines and go further up in the structure and finally reunite with bright fractioned lines in the ceiling.

Plan to move lines moving architectural elements created during the whole atmosphere and eventually found alive and vibrant atmosphere created has resulted. The different life experience that space as the main employer demands for him has brought.

  • Category

    • Interior Design
  • Client

    • Mr. Gholami
  • Location

    • Tehran, Iran
  • Area

    • 275   M2
  • Design Team

    • Designer:
    • Reza Mafakher
    • ---
    • Design Associate:
    • Mohammadreza Azizi
    • Bahar Vaezi
    • ---
    • Construction Team:
    • Kiarash Kasbian
    • Majid Mahmodzadeheh
    • Ehsan Feiz Rafatian
    • ---
    • Photogrphy:
    • Reza Najafian
  • Awards

    • Winner of Residential category in “Third Interior Architecture Award of Iran”, 2010
    • Winner of Residential category in “Second Interior Architecture Award of Iran”, 2010
    • Third Place of Residential category in “10th Grand Memar Award”, 2010
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