Damavand Medical Building

Unit 3 , No.5 , Khayyam st , Passing Fereshteh ave , Valiasr ave
Tehran, Iran,
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Damavand Medical Building

The project is located in a 200 SqM land (10M x 20M) in Damavand city and the building will cover 135 SqM of the land area. The total built area is 840 SqM. From the functional point of view, 3 floors will be dedicated to 6 clinic spaces (with 62 and 48 SqM area) and 1 and a half floors will be organized as a drugstore.

The main functional and spatial challenges in this building was to provide an optimum area for the commercial space in the ground floor (the drugstore) and also to provide parking spaces with regards to the limited width of the building. 

Residents of this building are doctors and physicians, who are well aware of the human structure and have discovered it as a whole and also have gone through all details piece by piece. The building represents the very same concept, since its a living organism in large scale and it describes itself in details for residents. 

The lifeblood veins of a building are circulation spaces and connection points, which explore inner layers, penetrate into space and organize the structure, expand into surfaces and in each level reveal different aspects of the building. 

Gradually residents will get familiar with the architectural structure of the building, discover insights and inner secrets and finally figure out principles and roots which led to splits in facades. Thus, residents will entrust themselves to space as the structure opens itself up to them and creates trust by presenting its secrets to residents.

As a result, inner spaces will reach out for the outside world through vertical and horizontal transparent splits in the facade and form functional spaces, divide and define clinic areas and create high quality and pleasant sections in physicians’ rooms. The transparency in the surface will provide light for the building and windows have been designed perpendicular on the surface in a way to preserve the privacy of examination rooms while providing light and vision to the outside world. Stairs also follow the same pattern and move from the inside out, get out of the main structure, move towards the pathway and split the structurein the entrance. Although the structure width is limited and multiple entrances are inevitable, with this design, a transparent, vast space has been created at the entrance, catered and suitable for a “Medical Building”.

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  • Category

    • Health Care
  • Client

    • Mr. Nour Mohammadi
  • Location

    • Damavand, Iran
  • Area

    • 1000   M2
  • Design Team

    • Designer:
    • Reza Mafakher
    • ---
    • Design Associates:
    • Nazanin Javanshir
    • ---
    • Presentation :
    • Hamed Sarhadi
    • ---
    • Author :
    • Nazanin Javanshir
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