Rahimzadeh Jewelry

Unit 3 , No.5 , Khayyam st , Passing Fereshteh ave , Valiasr ave
Tehran, Iran,
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Rahimzadeh Jewelry

Goldsmiths bazaar can be defined as a bright path in Tehran bazaar. The path which eye catching jewelries are in the background of oldness and identity of bazaar. A fancy part of traditional bazaar that relatively creates traditional trading interaction among various layer of cultures.

Bright jewelries in a neutral context and interaction between various persons from poor to rich, all of these are implying some inherent paradoxes to the mind.

Within them, Rahimzadeh jewelry from 1901up to now with a history over than a century, records it’s memory and sticks on the mind, and it is on the transitional passing time from past to the future looking for an innovation due to modernizing traditional retail place.

For modernizing this memory and considering the historic identity, the architecture also needs this dichotomy: an approach from random avant guard interactions in the heart of bazaar, which is embodied in a neutral modern face architecture while responding three generations.

In idea developing some surfaces has created by inspiration of Ayeneh hall of Golestan palace as a bright element and unrepeatable from Ghajari identity of bazaar area that shows the reflection from around the environment much more than representing themselves. An idea which has a twofold identity and has come into double-shell: the underneath shell is made of old structure of bazaar, brick-made and original and the second one is reflective, smooth and fluid.

Due to the small scale of project, in the implementation process it has been considered to use assembled and lightweight elements. sensitiveness and susceptibility of body of body, the limitations and standards of bazaar, the lack of enough time to operation (14 days).while the second shell shapes from serial connection of 4*4 lightweight and bright cubes which are covered by chrome.

These elements cover the brick-made surfaces of wall with simple tidiness and converts to some suspended tubes from the ceiling slowly. These waves in response to various spatial ranges and reacts to function. they will be perceived by an angle of surface and an angle of volume.

In addition covering ventilation system also this shell has the role with LED lamps inner each module as fluid lighting element in space too, and creates luminous points which appear from body slowly and concentrate in special points.

In this way brightness multiplies in surfaces by tidiness that is rooted in the direction of bazaar axis.

In finally is a space that provides the opportunity for experimenting present along history background for viewers.

Furniture designing of this project has been responsible to outcomes of functional and security limitations in addition to elegance and aesthetics.

  • Category

    • Commercial
  • Client

    • Mr. Rahimzadeh
  • Location

    • Tehran, Iran
  • Area

    • 75   M2
  • Design Team

    • Designer:
    • Reza Mafakher
    • ---
    • Design Associates:
    • Sahar Haghparast
    • Nazanin Javanshir
    • Sayena Afshar
    • Mahshid Salamati
    • ---
    • Presentation:
    • Hamed Sarhadi
    • ---
    • Construction Team:
    • Elnaz Asadian
    • Majid Mahmoudzadeh
    • Masod Soleimanifar
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