Gavazang Cultural  and Recreational Complex

Unit 3 , No.5 , Khayyam st , Passing Fereshteh ave , Valiasr ave
Tehran, Iran,
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Gavazang Cultural and Recreational Complex

Zanjan’s construction engineering organization club’s building is located in a 4986 m2 site in the south-eastern side of Gavazang road. Since the project site is located in Zanjan’s cold semi-arid climate and regarding site’s trapezoidal geometry and its 45o rotation, the most desirable location for the building due to the climatic conditions is a rectangular building rotated to the south-east.

 On the other hand, it has been suggested to place the building on north side of the site to have the maximum access and view to Gavazang road. Site’s topography is higher in the northwestern area and lower in the center, therefore, regarding the site pattern half part of the building is placed on the higher part and the other half on the lower parts with height difference about 12 meters. For this design, there is a way to break the building toward the site gap to adapt to the site’s topography and take the most direct daylight from the south-east.     

In addition, to place the open space sports complex in the middle of the building, the extra spaces have been omitted so that a U shape building surround the sports complex. The benches of this complex have been arranged on the site slope to make the feeling of both being in a sports event and building at the same time.  

 Under the project in the area that it's shaped through twisting building, we've seen people as a community. We tried to gather people in the project and due to this cause this open area provided us with a great opportunity.

In this area that seems building is twisting around people who've gathered under it, we have different functions such as galleries, a place for watching football matches for fans, and more importantly a place to talk and wait until you feel the place. People are the center of our design and make them gather together is the turning point in this project.

saturating this point of the gathering was done through the twisted cube and the twisted wall is also designed as transparent facade since the people in the project and the people outside looking in see each other and feel like as a united community.

The living concrete consists of three other layers, like a sandwich, applied to the building’s structural surface. The first is a waterproof layer which protects the structure from water seepage. The second layer is the internal biological microstructure which absorbs and retains rainwater to support the growth of organisms. The final layer, a porous coating, functions in reverse of the first waterproof layer, directing rainwater to and trapping it in the biological layer to optimize growth.

Functions of the project are distributed at different levels according to a frequency of its use. Library and motel are placed on the first floor to ease its access for travelers and residents of Zanjan. Also, game net facilities have been set on that floor to entertain youth community of the project.

Gym and sports facilities have been put in next floors, and then coffee shops and restaurants are on the top floors.

Due to a view of the site, restaurants and coffee shops are placed on top floors in order to get the most out of its context.  walls on these floors are also twisted in a way to confine sunlight and maximize it in its interior space, and also to cause users of the building to see the fascinating scenery of Zanjan and Gavazang road.

Two vertical access has been set in two blocks, and several ramps and bridges are also designed to connect parking in different levels. In one block we have 4 different elevators. One of which is Lift just for the use of restaurants on top floors, and one of them is opening on sports levels, the other two are set for people in restaurants. On the other hand, only 3 elevators are placed on the other block, since this block is restrained with commercial purposes only.

  • Category

    • Multi-Purpose
  • Client

    • Zanjan Construction Engineering Organization
  • Location

    • Zanjan, Iran
  • Area

    • 7000   M2
  • Design Team

    • Designer:
    • Reza Mafakher
    • ---
    • Design Associates:
    • Foruzan Vahdati
    • Nastaran Fadaee
    • Yahya Nooshabadi
    • ---
    • Presentation:
    • Ali Falahati
    • Yahya Nooshabadi
    • ---
    • Author:
    • Foruzan Vahdati
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