xema architects

The philosophy of today’s xema started to form in 2005 through an entirely new approach to the combination of architecture and art.

“xema architects” under supervision of Reza Mafakher has made its way to perfection by commitment in innovative designing in avant-garde exterior, interior, urban and furniture designs. Handling numerous projects, experiencing real world architectural problems and being honored with national and international competition prizes has been achievements of the firm in the past years. 

xema team and its founder, Reza Mafakher, have achieved a distinctive international reputation for excellence in design. In 2014, “xema architects” was declared as one of the four Iranian architectural firms that have influenced the architecture of Middle East.

xema architects has signified the privileged architecture of Iran and they has designed and constructed several projects which represents the elegance of Iranian contemporary architecture.

xema is committed to create the best solution for a whole new and unique perception of space, and also to lead the new era of Iranian architecture by building a better insight and attitude through delivering elegance and quality to customers’ lives.