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25 mm

25 mm :“Intimate; I want it to be” said Dr. Meshkat the client. This sentence clears the client’s expectations for interior design method of the clinic. This clinic area is about 150 m2 in an office building in Shariati Street, Tehran.

25 mm is like a tunnel without any openings which only has access to the open air by both ends. Due to the client’s comments and consideration of space situations and features, it’s been decided to take ventilation and daylight as the main concept of design. Actually the process of form creation started with folding a surface by two lines and making a 3-sided cube which located among the mentioned tunnel. This U-shape box with not having its east and west sides, makes the light and air transit possible and finally defines a unique order for every wall in the way.

”Parallel walls should be transparent.” Transparency is the first impression of every user who enters the clinic because there is a wide view to the most spaces. This box has not been moving on a straight line due to the land geometry therefore it’s been breaking by oblique lines which turns into the fountain on the walls and stairs on the floor, it also splits the ceiling to provide the space with artificial light. The mentioned break has been formed along daylight direction outside in. The other spaces’ geometry such as doctors’ rooms, support spaces (C.S.R and O.P.G), and service spaces have been formed based on the main idea of the clinic.

The formal concept of the project requires all three sides of the box to have the same material, and in this project due to the client’s demand of warm environment and low prices, it’s been decided to apply MDF.

These surfaces rotation has been defined based on MDF depth (about 1 inch) and cutting direction is along the east-west orientation to emphasize on the length of tunnel. Sliding surfaces are defined based on the aesthetic aspects. Clinic functions and the need of being sterilize in most of the rooms such as operation room requires a smooth material to make the least pollution penetration. Therefore several walls have been coated with oil colors so that they could be cleaned up much easier.

  • Category

    • Health Care
  • Client

    • Dr. Meshkat
  • Location

    • Tehran, Iran
  • Area

    • 185   M2
  • Status

    • Completed
  • Year

    • 2012
  • Design Team


    Reza Mafakher

    Design Associates:
    Soheila Ebrahimi
    Nastaran Fadaee
    Foruzan Vahdati

    Construction Associate:
    Hashem Babaei

    Execution Construction Associates:
    Apadana Tec Co.
    Ekbatan Co.

    Parham Taghiof

    Mohammad Aminian
    Tina Rokni

  • Awards

    • Honorable Mention for “25 mm”

      International Design Awards / 2017
    • Winner of Public Sector Category, “25mm”

      6th Interior Architecture Award of Iran / 2013
    • Winner of Public Sector Project of the Year, “25 mm”

      Middle East Architect Award / 2014
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