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Chabahar Hotel

Chabahar Hotel, Nowadays, climatic and regional structures and naturalistic approaches in artistic, architectural notions are responding to areas which are under the influence of modern behavioral thoughts.

Generally, with a precise view towards the environmental interaction in such societies, there can be found simple structures formed from organic and non-organic behavioral interactions.

In this project, the location and functional demands of the project stir the design process in a parallel way.

First: Contextual and Indigenous Assessments

Second: Functional Behaviorism

Contextual and Indigenous Assessments:

1-Concealing in the shadow

2-Align with airflow

3-Vision and perspective

4- Climate intrinsic

Functional Behaviorism:

1-Project functions and physical program


3-location of land

4-Visibility in behavioral movements

5-Build possibility

6-Structure and technology of making the module


This project forms the space that always interacts the architecture of the fixed part (architecture) with the changing part (user).

In this viewpoint, architecture seems to be a paradox.It is fixed and motionless in one direction while it is full of internal movements in the other hand. Also, this project could be considered in two scales:

Urban scale The role of the project in a city complex

– Element and urban sign in small scale

– The basis of the modern approach in the native body

– Establishment of new thoughts in urban architecture and urbanization

– Identification with other collections around

Result: Modular and modern form

– Human Scale Where the man is dealing with the project

– Change the scale of human insight

– Freedom of movement in motion and routing

– Curiosity and mind activity in the human scale

The analysis of above data leads the project to the point where the project disappears. An indoor space where human and functional interactions are formed. On the other hand, it is also responsive to climatic and native conditions.

Moreover, the type of structure is such that it can generate forces and tensions of an old structural pattern in today’s form.

Chabahar Hotel is modular in terms of the functional nature that allows the development and alteration of the structure as well as creation of various interior spaces.

The main idea of the administrative complex design is the formation of the physical organization by gathering a various range of modules which formed the entire volume in the framework of the structure.

Such a place has been created by gathering modules together step by steps like the process of building a dome in the heart of cube and pure volume.

the upper levels have created an intriguing, full of shadows and relaxing atmosphere inside the building and they are also oriented towards the building.­­

In order to functional discrimination, the lower level of the atrium is acting as a yard above the ground floor lobby. So that it makes perfect separation within staff’s public and private areas along with visual and spatial quality.

Applying exposed vertical accesses between floors through the internal semi-open areas caused clarification in the movement circulation and spatial communication.

Due to the specific climate location of the project, the building south-north axes has been opened towards the sea breeze.

Each module can be replaced in the structural frame regarding space and function situation which in turn results in the volume porosity.

  • Category

    • Residential
  • Client

    • Gamma Engineering Consultant
  • Location

    • Chabahar, Iran
  • Area

    • 45000   M2
  • Status

    • Completed
  • Year

    • 2016
  • Design Team


    Designer: Reza Mafakher
    Design Associates: Yahya Nooshabadi, Nazanin Javanshir
    Presentation : Hamed Sarhadi

  • Awards

    • Shortlisted for Leisure Hospitality Project of The Year, ”Chabahar Hotel Leisure & Hospitality”

      Middle East Architect Award / 2016
    • Silver Winner for Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category, “Chabahar Hotel Leisure & Hospitality”

      A' Design Award / 2016
    • Third Place of Future Projects – Medium Scale for “Chabahar Hotel”

      2A Asia Architecture Award / 2018
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