Conceptual Creativity

The idea of Conceptual Creativity course is about to improving the sense of sight as a lens to the world and finding the special and unique frames of space and the around. As this visual connection involves with self-experiences and thoughts of each person it evolves different perceptions from objective and non-objective elements.

The main goal in this course is to improve the ability of visualizing through the related practices. In the first step the observer will face with an object and represent it by one of the presentation skills in accordance with practice approach. For example imagining an object such as bus and find a kind of similarity with the first object. It should reminds the first object in the physical appearance. Another primary practice is to simplify the objects and drawing with the requested approach.

In the next steps the practices changes from being visually to more conceptually and the imagination power of the person gets more involved. The person thinks about a concept or an abstract subject and capture or draw a related picture or photo for presenting it. Thus the ability of the mind for visualizing and creating the images that they don’t exist before improves so that the emerged pictures are totally new and first-hand.

All of the exercises in this class obligate the minimum ability for drawing, sketching, modeling, photography and photo editing in Adobe Photoshop or another software. So first of all the prerequisite for attending in this course is to having a fresh mind and secondary to have the former abilities.

The main effort of creativity is having a special attitude and it is not limited to a specific activity or doing. However it includes a bigger scope of subjects and it plays a significant role in every shades of life from everyday activities like to professional life and etc. During all these activities we take actions and create endeavors which represent a special amount of creativity.